[A Love Drama] ZSH

I got 99 problems... 

Possibly 3-4 years ago I was introduced to a lady[1] named Bash. Awesome woman might I add. She was very flexible, able to handle multiple tasks at once, and she also completes me....however she was rather boring.. I mean she reinvented her self so many times, but for every version, there was nothing spectacular that changed about her. She gets a fancy little tweak here and there but I mean blah! She is a downer. She has a few good looking friends named "ksh", "Dash", and "Ash". Ksh and I first met on an HP-UX system, I was looking for all the things that I once liked about Bash and more, however she didn't even possess 1/3 of the attributes of Bash, at least not without squeezing it out of her painfully. So I passed. Dash and Ash, may as well have been twins so we went out on a date all together. They are certainly smaller and less clunky than Bash and Ksh, but... who cares I run a i5 Quad Core,, so my lady can have some weight on her. 

In came zsh to my life, sporting her fancy features and we bonded so well, she truly completes me even to the point she doesn't allow me to type, she knows what I am doing and completes 90% of my typing work for me. She knows what i want....Though I must admit initially I would always run back to bash, only because of the way I had become accustomed to her ways. But zsh is sweet and she patiently waited for me to return. SO! I decided that I needed a change! So I turned my back on the bash, and went with the lovely zsh.

ZSH Main Links & Docs 

Take a Look At The Below Unbiased Comparison Chart :


Needless to say I have made the switch to ZSH, the best switch I have made in a few years. Almost as good as nano -> vim for me =)! Oh and to end the mystery, I got 99 problems but a bash ain't one!!!!

My ZSH Config (tar and gun zipped archive)

Notes: I love bash as a shell and hate no person for using it. This is a joke from a bored engineer.